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Marcoabba Videography
Wedding Photographer
Jules Bower
Wedding Planner
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Wedding Venue
Villa Catureglio
Bride Shoes
Jimmy Choo
Vintage J. Crew
Wedding Rings
Custom designed with Cantor Jewelry in NYC
Hair & Make-Up
Costanza Scornaienchi

Wedding video at Villa Catureglio, Tuscany

Wedding video of Nicole and Chris at Villa Catureglio, Tuscany

Chris & Nicole first met in New York City when, unbekwonst to him, he crashed a ladies only happy hour.  They hit it off and talked all evening.  At the end of the night all of the ladies (and Chris) were parting ways when Chris mentioned he was, “Going to grab another drink,” and asked Nicole what she was doing.  She was oblivious, as usual, and completely missed the not so subtle hint.  She replied, “Oh, I’m going home,” and actually went home.  Finally after much pining on both sides, one month later they finally got around to going on their first date.  And the rest, they say, is history!
On Christmas Eve (December 23rd) 2016, Chris took Nicole on a tour of a few of the places where they had a some of their first dates.  At the last stop on a street corner in the West Village, Chris presented Nicole with a cartoon book that he had made which told the story of their entire relationship.  With tear stained cheeks, Nicole looked up (and then down) from her reading and found Chris on one knee in front of her.  Then it all sank in that he was proposing in front of the very restaurant where they first met at happy hour 3 years earlier.
Chris is Italian by heritage and had the amazing idea to have a multi-day destination wedding in Italy.  So, nine months after the proposal, Chris & Nicole tied the knot in front of the chapel at the truly spectacular Villa Catureglio which is in the Tuscan hills.