Wedding Planned and Designed by
Laura Frappa - Exclusive Italy Weddings
Wedding Photographer
Gianluca & Mary Adovasio
Tuscany Flowers
Wedding Cinematography
Marcoabba Videography
Lara Navarrini
Wedding Venue
Villa Cetinale
Shhh My Darlin
Bride Dresses
Carine Gilson and Hayley Paige
Bride Shoes
Miu Miu
Rings hand made by
New York-based jeweler, T. Gluck & Company

Exclusive Wedding Video Villa Cetinale Tuscany

Catherine and David were introduced over brunch in New York through a mutual friend who had no intention of setting them up together (their friend had actually asked Catherine to introduce her single friends to David instead!). To everyone’s surprise, the two hit it off immediately, and were inseparable since they met that summer.
Five years later, they had decided on a trip to Morocco. Catherine planned a private camping trip in the Sahara Desert for a few days while they were there, and David knew this would be the perfect setting to propose. Though things didn’t go as planned (after a beautiful morning and lunch the day David was planning his surprise, they encountered a hailstorm with heavy rain for a few hours), David has never been one to give up, and proposed to Catherine on top of the dunes just as the rain was clearing.
Though Catherine never had a “dream wedding” in mind, she thought a destination wedding would be a great excuse for the entire family to go on vacation together. The couple decided on Italy because they loved the wine, the food, and the beautiful countryside. And on June 27, the two exchanged their vows at Villa Cetinale, and celebrated with family and close friends from all around the world.
The bride wore a Carine Gilson robe to get ready, and changed into a Hayley Paige wedding dress paired with Miu Miu shoes. The groom wore a bespoke tuxedo. The rings were designed and made by New York-based jeweler, T. Gluck & Company.