I am proud to know your personalities and the emotions, anxieties, joys that you and all those around you are passing through. I love to record these moments of real life, when you will feel vulnerable and when you will muster up courage to let yourself be guided in this new adventure.
So just give a look, and remember that this are real persons in special places that are opening their lives and let me in to catch their true emotions.

Tuscany Wedding Videography at Borgo Stomennano // Sophie & Matt
26th April / Borgo Stomennano/Tuscany/
Lake Como Wedding Videography | Stephanie & John Wedding Video at Villa Pizzo
19th February / Villa Pizzo/
Wedding Videography in Tuscany at Castello di Meleto
25th November / Castello di Meleto/Tuscany/
Country Chic Wedding Video in Tuscany
28th October / Tuscany/
Wedding Video on Lake Como, Villa Erba
21st November / Lake Como/